Does Charizard ever listen to Ash? (Which episode does Charizard listen to Ash?)

Since I started watching Pokemon, I used to find the relationship between Ash and Charizard strange. This was because Charizard never took its partner, Ash, seriously and always did as it pleased.

However, there was one episode that stood out for me when Charizard finally listened to Ash, and the two became closer than ever.

Fascinated by the change of events, I decided to share with you how Charizard started listening to Ash and what led to this shift. So, stick around for this and much more.

Does Charizard ever listen to Ash? 

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How did Ash get Charizard to obey?

😞For over 60 episodes, Charizard would not take orders from its partner, Ash. It took a specific experience for Charizard to start obeying Ash. The Pokemon started obeying Ash after Tad’s Pokémon; Poliwrath weakened it with a water gun and froze it with an ice beam.

This happened after Tad was interested in battling Ash and put his Pokemon against Ash’s. Unfortunately, the trainer used a powerful Poliwrath on Charizard.

The main reason Charizard started obeying Ash after this experience was because Ash helped thaw it out. When everyone else was asleep, Ash spent the night warming up Charizard and getting its tail flame flared up once more. This act moved Charizard since it realized how much Ash cared for it and finally decided to obey its partner, Ash.

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Charizard was also moved by Ash’s words, who admitted that he knew that he was not the best trainer but was willing to keep trying.

Who would have ever thought that Ash’s Charizard would have a change of heart? I did not expect this.

Why is Charizard so disobedient to Ash?

Does Charizard ever listen to Ash?
Charizard and Ash. Image source: Pinterest

Though as a Charmander, this Pokemon was friendly and easygoing, it started being disobedient to Ash after evolving in Episode 43, titled “The March of the Exeggutor Squad.” Based on this, it makes sense to conclude that one of the main reasons why Charizard was so disobedient to Ash was pride.

Every time that Ash sent Charizard out, it used Flamethrower on him or took a nap.

Though Charizard would fight against strong opponents, it never followed orders from Ash.

😒The other reason why Charizard had a hard time taking orders from Ask is because it did not respect him. Initially, Charizard saw Ash as a weakling who did not deserve its acknowledgment.

Though Ash kept on giving Charizard advice that would help it during battles, Charizard did not listen and kept on lashing out at its trainer. It had a habit of doing as it pleased.

However, the experience with Poliwrath and the treatment that it got from its trainer gave it a reality check and made it start obeying Ash.

☺️I was so glad to see Charizard working together with Ash after this ordeal to beat Team Rocket. Listening to Ash’s instructions even helped Charizard win against Poliwrath in a rematch.

Which episode does Charizard listen to Ash?

Does Charizard ever listen to Ash?  
Charizard and Ash. Image source: Pokemon

Charizard started listening to Ash in the 105th episode of Pokemon titled Charizard Chills. Of all the Orange Island Episodes, this is one of the most significant due to the sudden change of events.

Though this episode is not as dramatic as others, it tells us of how Charizard and Ash finally became friends and reveals more about Tad’s character. 😕 Don’t you find Ted unlikeable for

freezing someone else’s Pokemon? I do.

Here are details of this episode

NameCharizard Chills
Main PokemonAsh’s Pikachu, Ash’s Charizard, Tad’s Poliwrath
Main CharactersAsh, Tad, Misty, and Tracey
First broadcastSeptember 2, 2000 in the US

July 22, 1999, in Japan.

Main eventsCharizard obeys Ash. Charizard learns Dragon Range. Charizard knows Mega Punch and Take Down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Ash eventually leave Charizard?

Yes. Despite the two working on their relationship, Ash eventually parted ways with Charizard and left it behind at Professor Oak’s lab in season 16.

Was Ash’s Charizard strong?

Yes. Despite almost being frozen to death, Ash’s Charizard was so strong that it earned the right to be referred to as Ash’s strongest Pokemon.

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