How to get Charizard X in Pokemon Go (how to qualify for Charizard X in Pokemon Go)

Charizard X has got to be one of my favorite Generation 8 raiders on Pokémon Go. I remember how thrilled I was when it first came out in 2013, and it has never ceased to amaze me ever since.

Its fire-breathing and shiny dragon build is exactly what drew me to it. I’m still hitting the road with it, and I must admit that it has not fallen short of its glory.

Now, enough of the talk, let’s get to the juicy part, which is how to get Charizard X in Pokemon Go. Stick around to find out. 😎


How does Charizard X work in Pokemon Go? 🤔

Charizard X is a product of Mega evolution in Pokemon Go. You are required to raid Mega battles for you to grasp some Mega energy. During the raid, you can experience Charizard X or Charizard Y. The difference between the two is in their appearance. Charizard X has fire and dragon typing, while Charizard Y has fire and flying typing. If you win the Mega battle, you’re awarded with Mega Charizard energy.

Can you evolve Charizard to X in Pokemon Go?


The simple answer is yes, you can 😉. To evolve Charizard to X in Pokemon Go, all you have to do is collect and accumulate enough Mega Charizard energy, which amounts to 200 for the first time. You then will visit the official Pokemon Go page, go to summary and select Mega Evolve. If it’s your first time evolving, you will be required to save up a high quantity of Mega Charizard energy. Charizard Pokemon can evolve into Mega Charizard X, blue with fire and dragon typing, or Charizard Y, orange with fire and flying typing. Less Mega energy will be consumed in future evolutions for the chosen form; if you want a different form, you must first incur the full cost.

What level are you likely to catch Charizard X in Pokemon Go?

How to get Charizard X in Pokemon Go  
Charizard X in Pokemon Go. Image source: Pokemon

There’s no cheat sheet for this one. You have to be a good enough player to catch Charizard X. I recommend that you be past level 12.

Additionally, save up enough Poke Balls for the attack.

FAQs 💡

What qualities does Mega Charizard X have?

Mega Charizard X’s main qualities are depicted in the table below.

TypeFire dragon
AbilityTough claws
Height5’7 ft
Weight243.6 lbs
Catch rate45

How can I easily get Charizard X?

There are various ways of getting Charizard X; one of them includes hunting it down and capturing it during battle raids. The other method includes collecting enough Mega energy and evolving Charizard Pokemon to Charizard X.

From my experience, capturing a Charizard X can be very random. Still, it’s not the easiest way, as it is not guaranteed despite being tactical.

The most definite method is to, therefore, accumulate Mega energy of up to 200 and use it to evolve the Charizard.

Which is better, Charizard X or Charizard Y?

Both have distinct qualities that make them fit for specific tasks. Charizard X is a good dragon-type attacker for raids and is specifically good at defense.

On the other hand, Charizard Y has more offensive abilities and higher attack stats compared to X. Charizard X’s attack stats stand at 273, with a maximum CP of 4353, while Charizard Y’s attack stats are at 319, with a 5037 CP. Because of this, most players go for Charizard Y.

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