Can Charizard Use Dragon Rage? (Is Dragon Rage A Good Move For Charizard ?)

Today, I tried out some new moves with my Pokémon Charizard. I am totally into my Charizard, and I intend to keep leveling up.

I tried out the Dragon Rage move and I had my bitter-sweet experience.

When doing my research regarding the Dragon Rage, I discovered that many Pokémon fans wanted to know if Charizard can use this move and if it was a good option. Please read on to find the results of my research.

Is Dragon Rage A Good Move For Charizard?

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Is Dragon Rage a good move for Charizard

Can Charizard Use Dragon Rage?
Charizard Dragon Rage move. Image source: Pinterest

Unfortunately, it is not very effective. It only does 40 HP damage, always. This may seem effective in the beginning but it becomes less effective on the higher levels of the Pokémon game.

This method is usually effective in games like Pika Cup level 20 competitions. In this case, 40 HP is good for all competitors.

Even in higher-level Pokémon, it is only effective if the enemy has managed to raise their defenses such that other attacks are no longer causing 40 HP damage.

This also is not common since most Pokémon who can effectively learn Dragon Rage can most likely cause damage in many other ways.

There are better ways out there for your Pokémon.

At what Level does Charizard learn dragon rage?

Can Charizard Use Dragon Rage? 
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Remember, Dragon Rage is a🐲 Dragon type move where the player fires waves of rage at its opponent. This was the only Dragon-type move in Generation I of the game.

Charizard learns this move through Level Up. They pick this up on level 17.

What other dragon-type moves can Charizard use?

Is Dragon Rage A Good Move For Charizard ?
Dragon-type moves can Charizard use. Image source: Pinterest

As compared to its previous evolutions Charizard can use many fire-type moves. It can effectively learn Blast Burn, for example. 🔥 Its fire is considered to be so hot it can melt boulders put up by enemies.

Charizards can also effectively adapt to Flying-type abilities since their wings can take up to 4,600 feet.

Charizard is not a dragon-type Pokémon, but it has dragon-type abilities and moves. It also has access to clawing moves as listed below:



















When playing Pokémon Go, the best move set should be Wing Attack, which is a Fast Move. You can add charged moves like 🦖 Dragon Claw together with Blast Burn.

Wing attack has the Highest EPS ( Energy Per Second), which is 8.0. It allows you to build up energy very fast for charged moves with greater power.

Likewise, in Pokémon Go, Charizard can learn several moves. It can choose from five Fast technical moves and six moves fully charged in PvP. (Player Versus Player)

Can Charizard Use Dragon Rage?

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So, What is the Optimal Move set for Charizard?

Can Charizard Use Dragon Rage? 
Optimal Move set for Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

The Ideal move set for Charizard in Pokémon Go, the most sensible move is Wing Attack for a Fast Move and Dragon Claw plus Blast Burn for charging moves.

Wing attack has the highest EPS ( Energy Per Second). It is tagged at 8.0, which allows the player to build up energy fast to boost more power to the Charged Moves.

I also noted that my Charizard could benefit from the Same Type of Attack Bonus (STAB) when powering with the Wing attack because it’s a Flying-type Pokémon.

When you combine this with the Blast Burn as a charging move, it helps your Charizard to inflict some notable damage.

If you manage a chance for another charged move, with an additional Dragon Claw, 🐉 a Dragon-type powerful attack, then you get more coverage with better options.

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