What Charizard does Logan Paul have? (How much is Logan Paul’s Charizard worth?)

In recent years, Logan Paul has proven his obsession with Charizard cards by purchasing them at a very high price. Being a Pokemon enthusiast specifically obsessed with Charizard cards, I was attracted to his content about the cards and eventually became his fan.

Moreover, I realized that we have shared a lot since he started playing at a young age, and he plays the cards to get a nostalgic feeling like me. I was particularly interested in knowing the details about his famous Charizard card and researched about it.

So, since I’m a huge fan of Logan, I’ll let you know about his Charizard.

How much is Logan Paul’s Charizard card worth?

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Logan Paul’s Charizard card is worth a million US dollars, as confirmed by him. His Charizard card is worth this much, probably because he had spent a lot while searching for the rare card. Before he finally got it, he had spent close to $2M on First edition cards without finding it.

Also, it is so expensive because of its exclusivity and rarity since there are only three such copies in the world.

According to Paul, the Charizard card is a prized possession that he ❤️loves most because it is his good🤞 luck charm.

How did Logan Paul get his Charizard card?

What Charizard does Logan Paul have? 
Logan Paul Charizard card. Image source: Pinterest

Logan Paul had to fly to Las Vegas to meet Gary and convince him to sell him the Charizard card. It was hard for Paul to convince him to sell because Gary said he had a personal attachment to the cards.

Even though he had previously revealed in the American Reality show Pawn Stars that he intended to sell, he was not ready for it.

He later said that his offer to sell the cards was just clout and he would be 😞saddened to sell any of them.

However, Logan Paul was able to convince Gary with a briefcase of $150000 to sell him one of the rare cards.

Is Logan Paul’s Charizard card rare?

Yes, Logan Paul’s Charizard card is rare. It is the First Edition Charizard, which is among the rarest Pokemon cards. According to Logan, he had spent approximately $2M 😱 on buying boxes of First Edition cards with hopes of finding this rare BSG 10 Charizard, but he never got it. As a matter of fact, there are only three such cards in the world.

How many Charizard cards does Logan Paul have?

How much is Logan Paul’s Charizard worth?
Logan Paul Charizard cards. Image source: Pinterest

Logan Paul has not yet specified the number of Charizard cards that he has, but it is speculated that, in general, he has between 1000 and 2000 Pokemon cards. Of course, there are a number of Charizard cards amongst them, but the most known is his million-dollar Charizard cards.

Amongst the many Pokemon cards that he has, the most talked about are the PSA 10 Charizard card, 2 First edition holofoil Charizard, first edition holographic Chansey, holographic Blastoise, and the Pikachu illustrator card.

Pokemon card

Price bought

First edition Charizard card


First edition holofoil Charizard (2 of them)

Approximately $39000 each

Pikachu illustrator card

$5.3 million

Holographic Chansey


Holographic Blastoise


Is Logan Paul’s Charizard Card the most expensive card in the world?


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No, currently, it is not the most expensive card in the world. The most expensive Charizard card is the shadowless holo Charizard going at $420000 (auction).

While these prices sound insane for ordinary people, Pokémon fans take pride in owning these priced possessions.

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