How do I get a reliable partner mark? (what does a reliable partner mark mean in Pokémon Scarlet?)

Absolutely! I recall the thrill of earning my first “Reliable Partner” mark in Pokémon Scarlet. It was a testament to the bond I had built with my Pokémon through countless battles and shared experiences. This mark, a symbol of trust and partnership, added a new layer of depth to my gameplay.

It is these experiences that have equipped me with a deep understanding of the game mechanics, including the significance of various marks.

I’m excited to share these insights with you as we delve into the world of Pokémon marks in this article.

Let’s explore together!

What does reliable partner mean in Pokemon Scarlet?

Reliable partner Pokémon Scarlet. Image source: Pinterest

The reliable partner mark is among the numerous symbols that can be bestowed upon your Pokémon for diverse accomplishments.

Unlike ribbons, these marks do not visibly appear on the summary screen. Instead, they become part of your Pokémon and bestow upon them a corresponding title whenever they enter battle.

As an illustration, if your Pokémon possesses the dependable companion emblem, it will be introduced as “the Trusty Companion” when deployed in a fight.

This mark signifies a friendly connection with your Pokémon. It indicates a robust bond, showcasing the trust and support your Pokémon lends to you during your journey.

This emblem is a token of admiration and fondness, contributing to your Pokémon’s confidence and joy. 🥰

How do I make my Pokémon a reliable partner?

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Attaining a reliable partner mark may be difficult, but it’s achievable with patience, dedication, and luck. Follow these steps to make your Pokémon a reliable partner:

  • Elevate Friendship Level: Boost your Pokémon’s friendship level to 200 or higher by feeding it berries, providing massages, engaging in Let’s Go mode play, participating in battles, and ensuring it doesn’t faint. Confirm the friendship level by consulting a woman in the Pokémon Center at Mesagoza. 🙌
  • Wander Around: Keep your Pokémon in your party and walk around. The reliable partner mark is bestowed randomly upon a Pokémon with high friendship after accumulating specific steps with a 1/100 chance every 10,000 steps. Utilize the PokéNav to monitor your step count. 🚲
  • Employ Title Power: Increase your chances by utilizing Title Power, an extraordinary meal power available for purchase from the food truck in Mesagoza. This power enhances the likelihood of a Pokémon receiving a mark for one hour. 💸

Refer to this table for a concise summary of these steps:




Raise Friendship Level


Walk Around


Use Title Power

Why does my Pokémon have the reliable partner after its name?

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Seeing the reliable partner mark after your Pokémon’s name means you’ve successfully obtained it. Congrats! 🎉 This mark signifies a deep bond between you and your Pokémon, offering several benefits:

  1. It gives your Pokémon a unique title, showcasing your bond and making your Pokémon stand out. 😎
  2. It enhances your Pokémon’s loyalty and obedience, especially useful if it’s traded or has a higher level than your badges allow. 👍
  3. It boosts your Pokémon’s happiness, potentially improving its performance in battles, contests, evolution, and breeding. ❤️

Can you change your partner Pokémon?

what does a reliable partner mark mean in Pokémon Scarlet?
Can you change your partner Pokémon? Image source: Pinterest

Yes, changing your partner Pokémon is a flexible option. The reliable partner mark is not restricted to a single Pokémon, allowing you to obtain it on multiple Pokémon if desired.

Nevertheless, you can only designate one Pokémon as your partner at any given time, and each Pokémon can only hold one mark.

Consequently, if you decide to switch your partner Pokémon, the process involves detaching the reliable partner mark from your current companion and affixing it to your new choice.

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