Can You Catch Zacian in Pokémon Sword? (How to Get Zacian in Pokémon Sword)

Zacian has earned its name as a legendary Pokémon💪. It is known as the Pokémon that absorbs metal particles to transform them into a weapon.

Zacian then uses this weapon to weaken its opponents in battle. It is no wonder that people would like to know how to catch this Pokémon.

Pokémon Sword is a pretty interesting game from where you can catch Zacian. There are a bunch of methods that can be used in the game to capture this legendary Pokémon.

So, let’s read on to find out how Zacian can be caught in Pokémon Sword. 💡

How do you get Zacian in Pokémon Sword?

Catch Zacian in Pokémon Sword
Zacian in Pokémon Sword. Image source: Pokemon

Zacian is a legendary hero you can have the honor of catching in the game Pokémon Sword. To catch Zacian in the game, the Pokémon must be captured above Hammerlocke Gym’s tower.

Zacian is a Fairy-type Pokémon that is weak to steel and poison. Its opponent should use these weaknesses in a fight to bring down the health of Zacian.

Once the strength of Zacian is brought down, you will have the opportunity to catch this Pokémon.

Another way to catch Zacian is to use Status effects like Asleep and Paralysis. This will make it easier to capture the Pokémon since it won’t be able to use any attacks or defenses.

You can also use Ultra Ball, a powerful Pokeball, to catch Pokémon. Using Ultra Ball will help you catch Zacian after one or a couple of tries.

Can You Catch Zacian Without a Master Ball?

Get Zacian in Pokémon Sword
Catch Zacian Without a Master Ball. Image source: Pokemon

You don’t necessarily need a Master Ball to capture Zacian or a majority of other Pokémon, either🤔. A Master Ball is a secret weapon you can use as your last resort to capture powerful Pokémon like Mewtwo.

The table shows a substitute of Pokeballs you can use for catching Zacian without using a Master Ball:


Battle Round

Quick Ball


Timer Ball


Ultra Ball


Alternatively, you can use the Dusk Ball if the battle occurs at night or in a dark space like a cave.

How to Get Zacian in Pokémon Sword


How Do I Get Zacian Without Buying Sword and No Friends?

To get Zacian without having Pokémon Sword or friends that are in the same game with whom you can trade, you will need to make a second account on Pokémon Shield.

From here, you can make use of the free trial to trade your Zamazenta with the rusted shield for a Zacian with a rusted sword. Once you get the Zacian from the trade, transfer the Pokémon to your main account😃.

You can also download Pokémon Home to get Zacian. From here, you can post a Pokémon legendary equivalent to Zacian, like Zamazenta, and ask to trade.

Before making this trade, though, you must ensure your legendary Pokémon has been registered to your Pokedex.


What Are the Odds of Catching Zacian in Pokémon Sword?

How to Get Zacian in Pokémon Sword
Odds of Catching Zacian in Pokémon Sword. Image source: Pokemon

Despite being a legendary Pokémon, Zacian has been known to be caught easily, especially when using a Pokeball.

Zacian in the Pokémon Sword game has a catch rate of 10 with a 3.9% chance to capture it if you use a Pokeball that has full health.

This shows the odds of catching Zacian are pretty high and in your favor, especially if you choose to use a Pokeball.

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