Pokémon vs. Digimon: Which series is better?

Pokémon vs. Digimon

Anime has remained my favorite genre from when I was a kid up to date. I always loved discovering new anime shows and among my top favorite was Pokémon and Digmond🥰. Now if you are a 90s baby who loved anime as much as I did, then you are probably familiar with the debate of … Read more

Pokémon vs. Dragon Ball: Which franchise is better?

Pokémon vs. Dragon Ball

Although I later became a fan of Dragon Ball, I started with Pokémon. Today, both franchises are bigwigs in the gaming industry, but the major question is how big? Although I’ve interacted with both franchises extensively, I have to confess I was always more inclined toward Pokémon (🤫) because I started with it from a … Read more

Pokémon vs. Bakugan: Which series should you watch?

Pokémon vs. Bakugan

I grew up watching a lot of Japanese anime that later introduced me to the world of gaming. It first started with Pokémon at a very early age and the love grew💗 for others like Bakugan. But ever watching the two shows in particular, it struck me how they shared certain similarities but were so … Read more

Pokémon Groudon vs. Kyogre: Which Pokémon is stronger?

Pokémon Groudon vs Kyogre

I have always thought that Pokémon Ruby, Saphire, and Emerald had the most unique storyline in the game series. This is especially true for Pokémon Emerald where Groudon (Ruby’s mascot) and Kyogre (Sapphire’s mascot) were pitted against each other in the game. It would have been an epic battle, in my opinion, if Rayquaza didn’t … Read more

Pokémon Gold vs. Red: Which Version should you get?

Pokémon Gold vs. Red

Pokémon Red and Gold were among the first two games in the series, so, I’m sure they hold a sort of nostalgia for those of us who played them as kids😊. I personally, started with Pokémon Gold, because it was among the recent releases at the time, but went back to play Pokémon Red later. … Read more

Pokémon Fire Red Vs. Emerald: Which is the better option?

Pokémon Fire Red Vs. Emerald

I remember when FireRed and LeafGreen came out, Emerald’s release wasn’t so far off. But I was already dead set on getting both FireRed and LeafGreen. Unfortunately, that meant that I wasn’t able to get Emerald when it was finally released😢. Because of that, I always wondered whether I missed out by not getting the … Read more