Why does Pokémon Go keep freezing? (Why is Pokémon GO crashing on launch?)

Why is Pokémon GO crashing on launch?

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Pokémon Go is still the sensation it was from years back when I started playing the game 🎮. But just like its popularity, there are other things that have not changed since then 😀.

I’m talking about the freezing issue that gets pretty annoying when all you want to do is catch some Pokémon 🐉. However, I admit, the crashing is not as bad as it was years back.

Having dealt with this issue every so often, I eventually became a pro at quickly diagnosing and finding solutions.

I discovered that the issue was caused by low storage on my device, server failure, location, and app update, among other reasons.

If this is something you have had to deal with more times than you would like to admit, follow through as I highlight some major causes and solutions.

Why is Pokémon GO crashing on launch?

Why is Pokémon GO crashing on launch?

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First and foremost, understand that Pokémon Go is an app like any other that you have on your phone. Therefore, these issues are bound to happen. But they do not have to stop you from playing your favorite game 🎮 🚀.

Below, I will highlight some key issues that could be cause Pokémon Go to crash on launch. They include;

App Update

If you have not updated your Pokémon Go app to the latest version, it is bound to cause issues such as crashing on launch.

Location ⚙️🗺️

If, when setting up the game, you chose a region different from where you are, it could cause interference, causing the servers to crash on launch.

Low Storage Space 💾

Your phone running low on storage could cause the server to crash since Pokémon Go is big and requires constant updating.

Servers could be down 🌐 🚧

Sometimes, it is a universal problem – if the Pokémon Go servers are down, all players are affected.

How to fix Pokémon Go freezing

How to fix Pokémon Go freezing
Fix Pokémon Go freezing. Image source: Pinterest

With a diagnosis of all the issues causing Pokémon Go to crash on launch, fixing them should be a walk in the park.

In this section, I will guide you on how you can fix the above-mentioned issues causing your Pokémon Go app to crash on launch;

Fixing App Update 📲🔄

  • Launch the Google Play store or Apple App Store on your device.
  • Search for Pokémon Go from the search bar.
  • Check to see if you have a pending update on the game. If there is, click ‘Update’ to get the latest version.

Fixing Location Issue 📍❌

Check to see if you chose the correct region when installing the app. For this, you will need to

  • Open Pokémon Go settings.
  • Click on ‘Location.’
  • On ‘Allow Location Access,’ set it to ‘While using the App.’
  • Find the ‘Precise Location’ option and toggle its button to turn it on.

Low Storage Space 📱 🧹

Low Storage Space-access your device storage
Low Storage Space. Image source: Pinterest

You will have to access your device storage analysis to find out if your device has enough storage to host Pokémon Go. To access storage;

  • Go to ‘Settings’ on your device
  • Scroll down to find ‘Storage’ and click on it.
  • You will see how much free space is on your device.

When the Servers are down

Sometimes, Pokémon Go main servers are the root cause of the issue. Therefore, if you notice that the issue is from the developer’s end, there is nothing much you can do but wait for them to resolve it. ⏳ 🔧

Lastly, if everything else fails, you can try deleting and reinstalling the app. Make sure to do a clean uninstallation of the app by clearing all data and cache.

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