Pokémon Red vs Blue: Which Version should you get?

Pokémon Red vs Blue

My love for Pokémon started with Pikachu after I discovered the anime series at the tender age of 9 years old. This led me to the discovery of the game series, but by that time three generations of Pokémon had already been released. Still, I was sure I wanted to start playing the game from … Read more

Pokémon Scarlet vs Violet: Which Version should you buy?

Pokémon Scarlet vs Violet

While there is nothing, I enjoy more than playing Pokémon, I dread the dilemma of having to choose which version to buy each time there’s a new release. I especially, had the hardest time deciding when it came to Scarlet and Violet, which was the first Pokémon generation to even have different professors. While both … Read more

Pokémon Sun vs Ultra Sun: Which game should you get?

Pokémon Sun vs Ultra Sun

Pokémon is known for releasing a singular third version that is usually an update of the original pair. For example, how Pokémon Yellow was a third version of Pokémon Red and Blue, and Pokémon Crystal was for Pokémon Gold and Silver. But there are also times when some generations have gotten a sequel pair or … Read more

Pokémon Shield vs Sword: Which Version should you get?

Pokémon Shield vs Sword

Since the release of the very first game in the Pokémon game series, there have always been 2 or more competing versions to choose from. While the versions are largely similar, certain key differences make it harder to decide between them. Pokémon Sword and Shield are no different. Nearing its release date, I was faced … Read more

Pokémon X vs Y: Which Game Version should you buy?

Pokémon X vs Y

Unlike the generational releases that came before it, I’ve always felt like Pokémon X and Y were among the generations that redefined the Pokémon game series. It was the first generation to include a Fairy-type legendary plus it had amazing updates like mega evolutions. So, to say I was excited about its release would be … Read more

Pokémon vs Yu-Gi-Oh: Which Game Franchise is Better?

Pokémon vs Yu-Gi-Oh

While Pokémon was the first love that introduced me to the Japanese gaming scene, Yu-Gi-Oh also has a special place in my heart. The two franchises are equally amazing in their own right. Although at face value they may appear to be similar, there are some key disparities worth noting that may tip the scales … Read more

Pokémon White vs Black: Which Game Version should you buy?

Pokémon White vs Black

My love for Pokémon meant I was always looking forward to the next generational release. With Pokémon Black and White, I was even more excited because of the in-game differences between the two versions. But unlike the simplicity of its name, it wasn’t as simple as black and white when it came to choosing which … Read more

Solgaleo vs Lunala: Which Psychic is better in Pokémon GO?

Solgaleo vs Lunala

While I love playing Pokémon, deciding between versions of Pokémon is never an easy task. Although I must say, the choices do add to the appeal of the series. Like with most generational releases, in Pokémon Go I was faced with the dilemma of choosing between Solgaleo and Lunala. They debuted in the game as … Read more