Pokémon vs. Temtem: Which game should you get?

Pokémon vs. Temtem

I’ve always been a Pokémon enthusiast from a young age. But when Temtem joined the gaming scene, my curiosity and interest couldn’t help but be piqued 🙃. A lot of games kept pitting the two against one another. Some players claimed Temtem was the best while others sided with Pokémon. Wanting to make up my … Read more

Pokémon vs. Minecraft: Which game should you get?

Pokémon vs. Minecraft

Although Minecraft came out in 2011, it’s become quite the craze in gaming communities. The expansive world and numerous activities are the game’s biggest appeal. One of the coolest things about it is when it started doing Mashups with big games like Pokémon and Mario. It was mind-blowing🤯. I’ve been a fan of Pokémon from … Read more

Pokémon Yellow Vs. Crystal: Which one should you get?

Pokémon Yellow Vs. Crystal

As has become the norm, Game Freak is known to release third versions of various generations, or at times remakes. Pokémon Yellow and Crystal were among the very first of their kind. I still remember how excited I was to play them as a kid😄. But back then I never really paid attention to things … Read more