Can I Pull My Pokémon Out Of A Gym? (How To Take Pokémon Out Of Gym)

Yes, you can pull a Pokémon out of a gym. Capturing and controlling gyms have always been some of my favorite ways of gaining experience points (XP) and Pokecoins, but of course, doing so comes at a cost. There is always the high possibility that my precious Pokémon could get stuck in a gym and end up being unusable for extended periods.

Although most trainers are aware of the conventional method of pulling Pokémon out of gyms, I discovered a nifty trick you can use to set your Pokémon free when need be 🤫.

Keep reading until the end to learn just how to do it.


How Do I Get My Pokémon Out Of A Gym?

How Do I Get My Pokémon Out Of A Gym?
How Do I Get My Pokémon Out Of A Gym? Image source: Pinterest

The only way your Pokémon can get out of a gym location is if they are defeated by a rival team. In the Pokémon world, gyms are battle arenas where Pokémon from opposing teams (of up to six) 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 fight to gain control.

If you have Pokémon defending a gym, they will automatically come back to you when they lose against another team and ultimately relinquish control over the location.

A fight doesn’t have a time limit, so you may have to leave your Pokémon in a gym for days, months, and even years!

Will A Pokémon Eventually Leave A Gym?

Yes, a Pokémon will eventually leave a gym if it loses in battle to opponents who want to gain control. Different factors influence how fast a Pokémon leaves a gym location, for instance, a Pokémon’s Hits Points (HP) and Combat Power (CP).

HP is a Pokémon’s overall health status 🩺, while CP is its strength 🏋️. Naturally, the higher a Pokémon’s HP and CP, the harder it will be for it to be defeated.

Also, if your gym is in a deserted location, not many trainers will battle your Pokémon. Therefore, your characters can stay there longer.

For these reasons, most skilled trainers will dissuade you from keeping your best Pokémon in gyms.

What’s the Longest A Pokémon Can Stay In A Gym?

What's the Longest A Pokémon Can Stay In A Gym?
Pokémon In the Gym. Image source: Pinterest

There is no maximum time limit for a Pokémon to stay in a gym. Pokémon reside in gyms until they are defeated and lose all their motivation.

Motivation is the SI measurement unit for a Pokémon’s will to defend a gym. Only when an opposing team has reduced it to zero can Pokémon return to their trainers.

As a result, some Pokémon have even spent years in gyms. Currently, here are the most impressive records:

Pokémon Trainer

Gym Time Record


2,200 days (6.03 years)

P.K. Sanjun

1,422 days (3.90 years)


1,332 days (3.65 years)

What Should You Do When Your Pokémon Is Stuck In A Gym?

What Should You Do When Your Pokémon Is Stuck In A Gym?
Pokémon Is Stuck In A Gym. Image source: Pinterest

Since getting defeated in a gym battle is the only way you can get your Pokémon out, the best option you have is to request other trainers in Discord, Facebook, and Reddit Pokémon groups to knock it out using characters with higher HPs and CPs than yours.

Especially if your Pokémon is defending a gym in a location with little to no engagement, this is the most convenient way to rescue a stranded Pokémon.

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