What Pokémon Kills Ghost Pokémon? 👻? (What Is Ghost Type Pokémon Weak To?)

In my professional playing career, ghost Pokémon have been my most challenging characters due to their numerous advantages and powers in combat.

Initially, I struggled to bring them down before encountering Pokémon that used dark-type attacks.

If you want to kill ghost Pokémon, Pokémon that use dark-type attacks, including Umbreon, Absol, and Darkrai, are your best choices 💪.

These Pokémon can inflict severe damage on ghost Pokémon and kill them in combat ⚔️. If you are new to ghost Pokémon and do not know how to deal with them, please stick with me to the end.

What Is Ghost Type Pokémon Weak To?

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What are Ghost Pokémon weak to? 😩

What are Ghost Pokémon weak to?
Ghost Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

All Pokémon have a weak point that you can exploit in combat to your advantage and win battles. Ghost Pokémon are weak to dark-type attacks and attacks from other ghost-type Pokémon.

First of all, ghost-type Pokémon are vulnerable to dark-type attacks because ghost Pokémon live in the dark, and dark-type Pokémon control the dark.

The ability of the dark-type Pokémon to control the dark ensures that ghost-types are at the mercy of the dark-types.

Dark types would, therefore, easily inflict damage on the ghost Pokémon in combat ⚔️. If you need some dark-type Pokémon for battling ghost-type Pokemon, Mega Tyranitar, normal Tyranitar, Hoopa Unbound, and Hydreigon would serve you well.

On the other hand, ghost Pokémon are vulnerable to one of their kind, mainly because of their similarity in nature. Since ghost Pokémon are of the exact nature, they are able to interact on the same level in combat. This means they can use their natural powers and move against each other to win battles ⚔️.

In this case, ghost-type Pokémon deal double damage against other ghost-type Pokémon. To defeat ghost Pokémon, you need to have other ghost Pokémon with you, like Mega Gengar, Lunala, Chandelure, and Giratina.

What is the best Pokémon against Ghost? 👻 

What is the best Pokémon against Ghost?
Ghost Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

The best Pokémon to fight against ghost Pokémon is the dark type Pokémon. Given the nature of ghost Pokémon and their movements, dark Pokémon hold absolute power over ghost Pokémon.

The best dark Pokémon against ghost Pokémon is Mega Tyranitar. This is a dinosaur-like Pokémon that belongs to the dark Pokémon category and holds a lot of power against ghost Pokémon.

Mega Tyranitar is a mega attacker among the dark Pokémon and has a lot of destructive power and instincts 💪. This Pokémon has impressive base stats, like an attack score of 134 and a total base stat of 600.

Moreover, the most significant power it has over ghost Pokémon is the ability to control darkness. Ghost Pokémon rely on the dark to hide.

Mega Tyranitar can not only attack ghost Pokémon but also control the darkness that ghost Pokémon rely on.

This makes it the best Pokémon against ghost Pokémons in combat.

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What type of attack is effective against a ghost-type Pokémon?

What type of attack is effective against a ghost-type Pokémon?
Ghost-type Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Dark-type attacks are the most practical moves against ghost-type Pokémons. Examples of dark-type moves include pursuit, crunch, kick-off, and foul play moves. These attack moves take advantage of the ghosts’ vulnerability to the dark.

For instance, in the foul play move, the dark Pokémon determines the power of the ghost Pokémon and uses its power to cause damage to the ghost 😮‍💨.

This move is effective against ghost Pokémon since it uses the opponent’s power to determine the power of the attack it will deliver on the attack ⚔️.

If the opponent has a higher mass, the foul-play attacker will inflict more significant damage despite having the same base power.

This attack is, therefore, very effective against any ghost Pokémon, given the power to work on any Pokémon regardless of their mass 💪.

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