Why your Pokemon is not Learning Moves (How to Fix Pokemon, not Learning Moves)

A Pokemon may not be learning moves if its move slots are already full, it hasn’t reached the required level, it hasn’t evolved, not used an available egg move, or there is simply a bug or glitch inhibiting the move learning process.

How to Fix Pokemon, not Learning Moves

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My endeavor as a Pokémon Trainer has been an exciting adventure filled with 😇conquests of both challenges and victories.

However, nothing is more frustrating than encountering the puzzling issue of my Pokémon refusing to learn new moves.

In this guide, I will spill the secrets of how I fix my Pokemon to learn new moves anytime. Whether it’s a question of levels, evolution, or specific game mechanics, I’ll uncover the mysteries of why Pokémon aren’t learning moves and😇 provide practical solutions to ensure they are well-prepared for any battle.

So read on and become the ultimate Pokémon Master.😎

How do you fix Pokemon not learning moves?

How do you fix Pokemon not learning moves?

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To fix the issue of your Pokémon not learning moves, you can follow these steps:

Check for Evolutionary Stones:

If your Pokémon evolves using a special stone (e.g., Water Stone, Thunder Stone), it may learn moves upon evolving. Ensure that the Pokémon has evolved if this is the case.

TM/HM Compatibility:

Some moves like TM and HM require your Pokemon to be compatible with these particular moves.

Check for Glitches:

Occasionally, game glitches 😔or bugs 🐛 may cause issues with move learning. Check online forums or the game’s official support channels for any known bugs or glitches related to move learning.

Check the Level:

Check the Level-Pokémon
Level up. Image source: Pinterest

Ensure that your Pokémon is at the appropriate level to learn the move you’re expecting. Some moves are learned only at specific levels.

Move Reminder:

Some games have move reminder NPCs who can help your Pokémon relearn forgotten moves. Check for a move reminder in the game 🎯.

How do you teach your Pokemon moves it missed?

How do you teach your Pokemon moves it missed?

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When your Pokemon has missed learning some moves, use these game features to make the Pokemon relearn:

Leveling Up

Constant leveling up 👴🏼ensures your Pokemon learns a missed move in subsequent levels. Keep leveling up your Pokémon, and it might eventually learn the move.

TM (Technical Machine) or HM (Hidden Machine)

You can use available TM or HM to teach the missed move to your Pokémon. TMs are typically found throughout the game, and some HMs are necessary for progressing through the story.

Move Tutors:

Use Move Tutors to teach specific moves to your Pokémon. However, they may require a particular item or currency 💵 found in the game.

Can Pokemon relearn old moves?

Yes, 👍🏼 Pokémon can relearn old moves through using the Move Reminder feature. The Move Reminder is an NPC character found in various game locations that can help your Pokémon recall and relearn moves it has forgotten or missed. For the Pokemon to relearn an old move, follow these steps:




Locate the Move Reminder NPC in the game.


Ensure you have the required payment (usually a Heart Scale).


Interact with the Move Reminder.


Choose the Pokémon you want to reteach moves to.


Select the moves you want the Pokémon to relearn.

Do Pokemon stop learning moves when they evolve?

Do Pokemon stop learning moves when they evolve?

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No, the process of evolution in Pokémon does not obstruct the learning of moves; in fact, it seamlessly continues as the Pokémon levels up post-evolution.

On the contrary, 🤫evolution typically serves to enhance a Pokémon’s stats, occasionally modifying its abilities and even resulting in the acquisition of new moves during the evolution process.

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