What does Pokémon Go IV mean? (What is a good IV in Pokémon Go?)

When I started playing Pokémon Go, I was not aware of the Individual Values that determine a Pokémon’s attack, HP, and defense scores.

This changed after getting more experience in the game since I started making decisions about the Pokémon I wanted to utilize in different situations based on their IVs.

Having played this game for a long time, I realized that some people even confuse IVs with Pokémon’s base stats 🤷‍♂️. This compelled me to create this post to share everything I know regarding Pokémon Go IV.

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What is a good IV in Pokémon Go?

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What is a good IV in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go IV
Good IV in Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Individual values or IVS are hidden stats that get generated randomly when a Pokémon is hatched or caught. They determine your Pokémon’s ability in battle and go from 0 to 15.

In Pokémon Go, there are three stats including HP, Defense, and Attack. You can check Pokémon Go IVs with the appraisal option to assess which Pokémon is worth keeping and which should be transferred.

👌If the stamp above it contains a red stamp and three stars, this is a perfect IV in Pokémon Go. A 100% IV means that the Stamina, Defense, and Attack are all at 15.

Check out the following star tiers.



3 stars with a red stamp


3 stars


2 stars

66.7- 80%

1 star


0 stars

Below 50%

Does a higher IV mean better Pokémon?

What is a good IV?
Does a higher IV mean better Pokémon? Image source: Pinterest

👍Yes. Higher IV means better Pokémon because it means that such a Pokémon is likely to last longer and do more damage in Raids and PVP.

The higher the IV stat, the better the Pokémon’s defense, HP, or attack will be. Attack represents how hard you hit, while defense is how much you can withstand a hit.

On the other hand, stamina (HP) stands for how many hits your Pokémon can take before finally fainting.

Which is more important between, IV and CP?

What is a good IV in Pokémon Go?
IV and CP. Image source: Pinterest

IV shows a Pokémon’s potential within its own species, while CP (Combat Power) is a stat that gives a rough estimate of how powerful it is.

While both IV and CP are important, higher IVs should be a bigger priority compared to high CP. IV is more important because it naturally leads to a higher CP Pokémon when it becomes fully powered up.

Though you should pay attention to CP when battling, you should consider IV more if you are playing the long game and wish to spend Stardust to level it up.

How To Check A Pokémon’s IVs Using An IV Calculator

Pokémon Go IV meaning
Check A Pokémon’s IVs Using An IV Calculator. Image source: Pinterest

A UV calculator gives you an accurate reading of a Pokémon’s level and IVs since it looks at the Pokémon’s CP, the amount of Stardust needed to power it up, and your Trainer’s level.

You can check a Pokémon’s IV using a manual or automatic calculator. If you go for the automatic method, start by downloading an app on your smartphone.

Some of the apps that you can download include GoIV, CalcyIV, and Poke Genie.

If you choose the manual method, you can use the Pokémon Go IV Calculator, Pokémon IV calculator, or the Silph Road IV rater.

These options are easy to use since you only need to pick your Pokémon, input its HP and CP as well, and Stardust needs to power it up to check its IV.

How do you increase Pokémon IV?

🙁Unfortunately, you cannot increase or even change your Pokémon’s IV once it has been caught. However, you can find Pokémon with higher IV by completing higher-level raids and focusing on Pokémon hatched from eggs.

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With that said, you should note that there are a few exceptions to this, like trading. IVs go under a small change when traded over.

The method of increasing is through a process known as Purification. However, this method is only exclusive to Shadow Pokémon.

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