What is the rarest Pokemon type? (what is the rarest Pokemon type combination?)

The rarest Pokemon type is the ice type. Pokemon type is my favorite part of the game. Since I started using Pokemon types, I’ve realized that the combination type you choose affects your chances of winning, remaining a dominant powerhouse, or exposing you to easy attacks.

I, therefore, see it vital to have access to moves with the STAB in battle.

You could be wondering what the rarest Pokemon type is. Being a Pokemon enthusiast for years, I’ll help you know the rarest and the most common Pokemon type combination in Pokemon Go.

Let’s get started.

Via Tenor.

What is the rarest Pokemon type combination?

Via Tenor.

Based on generation nine, the ice type 🧊 is the rarest of them all. Out of the over nine hundred Pokemon types that there are, there are only fifty-eight ice-type Pokemon, inclusive of Pokemon with ice forms such as Vulpix’s Alolan form and Darumaka’s Gularian form.

To know how rare a particular Pokemon combination type is, you should keep in mind 🧠 that while there are nine hundred plus pocket monsters, many share a combination type with other creatures.

Therefore, several type combinations have only one creature or evolutionary line representing them. The ice types have the stats and ability that will allow you win a fight.

Number of Pokemon per type

Number of Pokemon per type
Number of Pokemon per type. Image source: Pinterest

There are eighteen different types of Pokemon characters in total, and they each have strengths and weaknesses.

There are dual types and the types with double resistance, which you should consider when going for adventures and fighting.

The effectiveness of a type depends on the opponent’s Pokemon. Therefore, it is important to know the strengths 💪 and downsides of many Pokemon during the fight.

Let’s look at the various types and the number of Pokemon in each type.

Pokemon type.

Number of Pokemon in each type.

Normal type.


Fire type.


Water type.


Grass type.


Rock type.


Fighting type.


Psychic type.


Ghost type.


Bug type.


Poison type.


Flying type.


Electric type.


Ground type.


Ice type.


Dragon type.


Dark type.


Steel type.


Fairly type.


What is the most common pokemon type combination in Pokemon go?

What is the most common pokemon type combination in Pokemon go?
Pokemon type combination in Pokemon go. Image source: Pinterest

Water 💧 type is the most common type of all Pokemon type. There are 133 water-type forms, including the form-changing Pokemon like Castform and Arceus of the seventh generation.

Most Pokemon that reside in the sea or other water bodies are classified as water types.

Additionally, water is one of the only two types found in combination with all types, the second being the flying type.

Water and air are the only things you will find everywhere that there is life. Therefore, the types that represent the two elements will combine well with every other type.

However, in gameplay, the location dictates the common Pokemon. For example, Zubat is the most common in cave regions, while Taillow is the most common in grass regions.

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