Does Charizard hate Ash? (does Charizard not like Ash?)

😎I have always considered Ash Ketchum as one of the greatest Pokemon trainers. However, I used to wonder why his Pokemon were troublesome despite his competence.

One of the Pokemon that I initially had a hard time understanding was Charizard because of his rebellious nature.

I wondered why Charizard never obeyed his trainer, Ash, and even came across other Pokemon fans who asked whether Charizard hates Ash.

After watching numerous episodes, I finally understood their relationship and created this post to share insights on why Charizard disrespects and disobeys Ash.

Stick around for this and much more!

Why does Charizard not respect Ash?

Though Charizard did not hate Ash, he did not respect him. 😌This was because he had abandonment issues from his past that affected his relationship with his new trainer, Ash.

Since his previous trainer, Damien, had left him in the rain to die, Ash had a hard time training Charizard. Charmander was once rejected as weak and he gained an inferiority complex. He always tried to prove himself.

When he evolved into Charmeleon, he started gaining self-pride and considered himself a strong Pokemon since he had immense power compared to his colleagues like Pikachu.

This made him arrogant and disrespectful to Ash.

does Charizard not like Ash?

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Why did Charizard not obey Ash?

Does Charizard harbor a dislike for Ash?
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Charizard felt that Ash was not good enough as a trainer, and therefore, he did not obey him. He refused to take orders from Ash because he does not respect him and considered him a weakling who does not deserve his acknowledgment.

He became stubborn and only battled whenever he felt like it. Charizard disobeyed Ash despite risking his life for him, but Ash never gave up on his Pokemon.

Over time, Ash worked hard to gain the Pokémon’s respect and trust by being kind to him and putting in more effort to help him win battles.

Why did Charizard eventually start listening to Ash?

Does Charizard harbor a dislike for Ash?
Charizard and Ash. Image source: Pinterest

Though Charizard had a tendency to disobey his trainer, his perspective changed in the episode Charizard Chills.

🥶Charizard started listening to Ash after Tad’s Poliwrath froze him to solid with an ice beam.

Ash showed him lots of affection since he stayed up all night rubbing his hands raw and massaging his body and saving him from freezing to death.

This made Charizard realize how much Ash cared about him, and after gaining his trust, he eventually started listening to his trainer.

After this incident, the two started working hand in hand, and they became closer than ever. They even battled Ted again as a team for the second time and managed to win.

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Don’t you find it weird that even though Charizard started listening to Ash, he was still full of himself after that catastrophic battle? He still had the guts to blow fire into his trainer’s face.

However, some fans believe that this was simply his way of showing Ash affection 🤔.

Here are more details regarding Ash’s Charizard

Debuts in

Charmander- The stray Pokemon

Evolves in

Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon

March of the Exeggutor Squad

Episodes Spent as Charmander


Episodes spent as Charmeleon





Stubborn at first but loyal and obedient after the Charizard Chills episode.

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